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No Depression Magazine have called them "a manna from music heaven". The renowned Daytrotter Sessions in Davenport, Iowa hosted Young at their studios during his last US tour while Ireland's Today FM made them Single of the Week in 2016 and in the same month Seattle's KEXP followed suit, spinning the band drive-time airplay as Stephen Young & The Union launched Eagle Fort Rumble to critical acclaim both in Ireland and the US. They are an MRU award-winning band in the Alt-Country category and have appeared on RTE Television's The View. Now, the band are in the studio putting the finishing touches to their new record Bob Cherry's Homemade Jam.




No Depression, 2015

By Frank Gutch Jr

Had a friend played Stephen Young & The Union's new album for me without telling me who they were, I would have sworn they were from Poughkeepsie or Syracuse or Los Angeles but damned if they aren't Irish. There was a time you could tell, you know? At one time Brits just could not play country and Americans could not nail down trad folk, but over the years those barriers have broken down. Young & The Union's Eagle Fort Rumble prove it. Irish? No way! And yet, yes, they are. Irish with the soul of what used to be American and is now evidently the world's. No complaint. Just fact. I mean, have you ever heard a band from Ireland play like this?

Didn't think so. Not that bands in Ireland couldn't. Just that I haven't heard any. Until now.   

To say I'm impressed is an understatement. The last time I was blindsided like this was when I first heard The Barr Brothers' “Half Crazy” on radio and had to keep repeating “Barr Brothers. Barr Brothers.” until I got to the Music Millennium in Portland to see if they had the album. (They didn't. Two weeks later, though, when it was released, I swung by to pick it up. God, but I love record stores!) This time, the music came through the mail and if I hadn't been a huge supporter of the United States Postal Service before, I would be now. Because Eagle Fort Rumble is manna from music heaven. To my ears, anyway.

They are calling the music Americana and it doesn't bother me all that much except that I have yet to lock down exactly what is Americana. Folk with a twist? Rock with jazz undertones? Hell if I know. If it's this good, I don't really care, anyway. I'm in it for the music.

Eagle Fort Rumble is the kind of album I hope for but too seldom get these days. While I am surrounded by outstanding music, maybe one in a hundred of the albums which cross my desk I find inspiring. Color me inspired.  

Eagle Fort Rumble has arrived  

Three years of work finally arrived in the form of Compact Discs yesterday.
Myself and Shayne went and collected the first couple of boxes of Eagle Fort Rumble at his local post office.
This time three years ago we had no idea it would take this long to hold CDs of the finished work in our hands.
It's been a long, hard road.
First and foremost, the copies are winging their way to our publicists, both in Ireland and the US.
Dwayne and Mike have the job of letting everyone know that we've got a new album out and trying to get us on the radio/in the papers etc.
Here's hoping we made their jobs easy!

After that its Shadowman out on Sept 12th, Shuffle/Monsoon Season out Oct 16th and then the Rumble finally breaks out on Nov 27th.
Pre Orders for the album will be available soon and is the place to get all your up to date SYTU news.

The Rumble Is Coming

The CDs have arrived Eagle Fort Rumble is here 
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