Album 3 demo review from Frank Gutch Jr

I recently spoke to our good friend, Frank Gutch Jr, who was so kind to us last year in his review of Eagle Fort Rumble for No Depression.
We had a good chat about everything from Eagle, to our recent missing videos, to our upcoming recording.
I don't normally let our demos out to be heard - especially before the album is out - but my thinking here was that now that we're working 100% independently maybe it's no harm to have someone with the experience of Frank's have a listen and give us his feedback.
I'm glad I did!
Below are Frank's thoughts on what he heard...

Stephen Young & The Union/Whatever They Are Going to Call It… 

Talk about hubris!  I spent a whole weekend hacking into Stephen Young & The Union’s system to download their demos they are readying for release and they didn’t even give me a title!  So I am calling it Whatever… because that’s just mean!  Okay, I didn’t hack in, but I begged a lot and Mr. Young his very own self sent me a passel of acoustic demos (voice and maybe two acoustic guitars) which gives me a preview of what will be.  I am not only happy, I am stunned, much in the same way I was when I heard  Eagle Fort Rumble the first time (and the second… and the third… etc.).  There is something very American about the music they play, but that is probably more my tendency to live in the past than anything.  There was a time that you could pretty much identify the country of origin by the music but I’m thinking those days are past.  But the truth is, music this good does not need a country.  Wherever these songs came from, they came from a very good place.  Listening to these demos is a relief, of sorts, because I love Eagle and was hoping for more, but only to a degree.  I want to hear progress or a sideways jump or something usually, but if my ears and my brain tell me anything, this is Eagle Vol. 2, which thrills me to death.  Excellent songs as an acoustic set (perhaps they could save this for a giveaway “unplugged” album upon release of the final mix) and every bit as worthy of a listen as was the first album (which, incidentally, knocked me on my keister).  Take a look at the videos below to see what you may have missed (album still available).  To learn more or to just follow the band, click here.  Oh, and they are Irish, FYI.

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