Videogate - Duty Free 200, Shadowman and Shuffle (In The Quicksand)

In the golden days of the music industry a music video was a relatively new concept. A lot of the big names of the day didn't feel comfortable making one. The idea of lip-syncing to a track seemed like total nonsense. It still is total nonsense - you will never feel sillier than when lip-syncing to your own song (unless you're Milli Vanilli).
It's a bizarre experience for a band but it's a necessary evil.
We've come into the business at a point where most people don't buy CDs, or even download an MP3. The vast,vast majority of people will stream their favourite new songs on Spotify or find what they want on YouTube.
And that's why your presentation on these platforms is so important. The viewer on YouTube is instantly making his/her mind up about a band on the first few bars of the song, the overall look of the video (does it look professional, does it look like it was done on a camcorder, or does it look cool cos it was made to look like it was done on a camcorder which the hipsters will find cool...).
How many views does it have? Yeah, it's kinda important. For the viewer, but mainly for the band. It's a gauge > Promoters and bookers will book you or otherwise often based on your YouTube views. The views on your video will also tell you where you stand with your prospective audience. And although the comments section can be a dive bar of trolls, it can also be a good way of getting positive and negative feedback, both of which can be used in the future,
So with all this in mind, this week we had the very unfortunate experience of having all three videos from our recent Eagle Fort Rumble album  deleted from YouTube.
Not by YouTube for any kind of infringement or copyright issue on our part. The videos were taken down by someone we trusted.
My advice to other bands is this; never trust anyone else with your content. Always, no matter what the situation, have every login and every password to every social media account.
We've been lucky that we still have the videos and have been able to repost. We've learned a lot in the last year, and we've learned a lot the hard way! Hopefully this helps others to avoid a similar situation.
I keep telling myself this today; starting fresh is only tough at the start.

Peace out,

Rock on but take no shit

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