Windmill Lane

Howdy all!

It's been busy this week on the gig front with a couple of singer-songwriter sessions in Dublin.
I've had an interesting foray back into performing on my own. I had been so out of practice with solo shows that my first one back - in Kilkenny last month - was bit of a hit and miss. Not playing with the band exclusively has taken some getting used to again, but I was glad to find some form this week. I think I've found a set that works solo. It's amazing the different approach you have to take when you're on your own. I've been dropping the keys of songs as I now don't have to fire up my vocal over the rest of the band and I've been bringing the tempos down a touch on some songs. But mostly just picking different songs from the repertoire, some songs from Wilderness Machine are getting a run out again, along with some songs from the new batch. Eagle Fort Rumble was such a 'band' album in the way it was written and performed, many of those songs don't really work solo.
The week before last, we paid a visit to Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin.
It was an eye-opener for sure! The top class rooms, mics and equipment are really something. There wasn't a Playstation or Xbox in sight which was welcome, and we were fed with a banquet of all sorts of goodies.
We tracked Kiss You Goodnight, I look forward to hearing the finished mix on that!
Take a look at Johnny's well-miced drum kit....

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