Time to jump back in

A little over a year ago myself and the band decided that we would bring our decade-long project that was Stephen Young & The Union to an end.

It was a big decision at the time. Still, one that…


Time to bow out

"If you got to go, well yes alright, but if you got to go, go now, or else you gotta stay all night" - Bob Dylan. "It's been real and it's been fun and it's been real fun" - Miss…


Slow train coming

There's a blizzard kicking up outside and it's nice to be by the fire and update you on some happenings here at Union HQ.

We've been back rehearsing again, knocking the cobwebs off and planning some cool stuff for…

Country Music & Us

I was doing the unthinkable ego trip last night updating the website - googling the band extensively.

Yikes. Some doozies out there. One in particular gave me a good chuckle.

Man they weren't wrong about the live…


Campfire vibes

Only two weeks to the new Star Wars!!!

I have to admit the trailers were a tad disappointing but my Hope is that they were so because the makers couldn't give too much away...

Meanwhile, I have this…


Return of the Union

I thought Return of the Jedi would have been OTT...

You may have noticed a rather long gap between my last post from February of this year and now. Well the truth is there was a while when I…


New Website

Hey all

As promised; my new website


All my creative writing and blogging here.

Double Jobbing

We've had a little bit of quiet time in December and January.
Aside from a photoshoot in early December, where we all sat around or stood about looking uncomfortable we've been chilling. We're back at it from last week though…

Chasing Words Around A Bar

Hey all.

We've had a busy fortnight getting ready for our second session at Red Lake.
We're back in Portlaoise this Saturday - Monday to record Alamo, A Boat Called Lottery, Written In Austin (Finished In Nashville), Won't Let You…

Goin' Fishing at the Lake

Hey all
Just a little update on what's happening with us at the moment;
First of all - we had a great night in The Cobblestone a few weeks ago. It was the first time the new SYTU line-up played…

Ok, ok... We know what we're doing now

The faffing about is over. We've got a plan.
As a lot of you will know we had some issues with the release of Eagle Fort Rumble and subsequent disappearance of 3 of that album's videos online.
We had planned…

Red Lake Union

Hi all
It's kinda buzzing round the SYTU camp right now!
We just had one of those weeks that don't come around very often, and it ain't over yet...
Last Friday morning we kicked off a three-day session at Red…