Double Jobbing

We've had a little bit of quiet time in December and January.
Aside from a photoshoot in early December, where we all sat around or stood about looking uncomfortable we've been chilling. We're back at it from last week though and we'll have a busy run up to the summer.
Creatively, I've been keeping myself busy writing prose. I started the first draft of a novel in October and finished it in early January. I'm working my way through the second draft now and I have to say I'm enjoying it so much.
It's a totally different experience to songwriting, far more intimate yet less personal. It's an odd paradox for sure. I have also written two short stories and I'm setting the groundwork for a second novel and third short story.
I'm going to set up a separate website for my writing and post up some paragraphs and things like that pretty soon. Keep an eye out here for that address.
But back to the band, and rehearsals have kicked off again and it feels like we're putting the final touches on the next batch of songs to be recorded. Looking forward to another weekend at Red Lake.
We have a big gig coming up on May 6th at the Workmans Club in Dublin for a good friend of ours, Ollie Gallagher. The gig is in memory of his daughter Beth, who passed away on Christmas Day, 2015. All proceeds from it will go the Neurology Dept at Temple Street Hospital. We were honoured to be asked to play. Put the date in your diary. Not only is it for the most worthy of causes but there are some fine bands on the bill alongside us.

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