Goin' Fishing at the Lake

Hey all
Just a little update on what's happening with us at the moment;
First of all - we had a great night in The Cobblestone a few weeks ago. It was the first time the new SYTU line-up played on stage together. We had an awesome night with a full house. It was cool to share to stage with John, Andy and Padraic again. Declan was fantastic, and we're all looking ahead to a lot more gigs very soon.
Right now though we're looking at our second album recording session back at Red Lake next month.
The first session was a blast!
We really like the studio and the digs of course - we enjoyed a couple of beers and a sing-song up at the shack!
This weekend we're starting our first batch of rehearsals for the next five songs to be tracked.
What we're all loving about the recording of this album is doing it live. We put Johnny (drums), Andy (bass) and Declan (lead guitar) into the live room. I'm in a booth recording my guitar and vocals right beside them. John's keys go straight into the mixing desk and Padraic overdubs his mandolin - we'd live track that too, but it gets drowned out in the live room. Trust me, we tried! (see pic above)
After that it's just some backing vocals and percussion and that's the song done. We tracked and finished 5 songs in 2 days at the last session with an hour or two to spare.
We went in a little unrehearsed last time which we got away with thankfully. On this one we're going to try arrive a little more prepared, and with some more complex arrangements for vocal harmonies in particular. Declan and Padraic are very good singers so our thinking is there's no excuse for us not to use all three of our voices to get the best out of the songs, in the choruses especially.
We tried a nice three-part harmony on Old Man Young at the first session. I'm looking forward to hearing that song again.
So this weekend we've got two rehearsal sessions lined up, I'll post up pics and blog next week and let you all know how things are progressing.
Til then, peace out


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