Ok, ok... We know what we're doing now

The faffing about is over. We've got a plan.
As a lot of you will know we had some issues with the release of Eagle Fort Rumble and subsequent disappearance of 3 of that album's videos online.
We had planned to re-release the album with some new artwork, and a video and re-run the campaign, as you will know from our previous post.
However, our Knight in shining armour has returned from her travels and has come to our aid.
Our superhero of a publicist, Emma Harney, is back from her sabbatical,  and we couldn't be happier. Emma was away for the release of Rumble in November last year and the Irish PR campaign was a call-in-favours-from-mates/DIY effort and suffered because of it.
So we are running the release again, but this album is gonna include 3 songs from our first album Wilderness Machine, 1 alternate version of the lead single of that album and 2 brand new tracks.
Bootleg Union will be out March 31st.
We had toyed with that album title before for something like a 'Demos Behind The Tracks' kinda thing. But this works so well now.
All this of course along with the brand new album we're currently recording, Junkhouse 9s...
So, after a sit down with Emma, and a little planning here's what's coming from SYTU in the next while;
February 2017 - Monsoon Season/The Blind Leading The Blind (double a-side single) out
March 31st '17 - Bootleg Union out
February 2018 - First single from Junkhouse 9s out
April '18 - Second single out
May '18 - Junkhouse 9s out

Yours sincerely,
Stephen Young & The Union

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