Red Lake Union

Hi all
It's kinda buzzing round the SYTU camp right now!
We just had one of those weeks that don't come around very often, and it ain't over yet...
Last Friday morning we kicked off a three-day session at Red Lake Sound Studios in Portlaoise, and genuinely I have to say it was the best session of recording I've ever been involved in. And all the boys are pretty much feeling the same.
We went into the recording with minimal expectations really, with both myself and Johnny still a bit burned out from Eagle Fort Rumble, and all of us not knowing what to expect from the studio or the engineer and producer, Gary Duncan.
It was just like one of those great nights out that come out of nowhere.
We tracked 5 songs - Dirty Tapes, Kiss You Goodnight, Love Reigns, Silver River and Old Man Young - and with the odd instrument aside, we did it 100% live. It was an amazing experience. A lot of that was down to Gary and his production style. He was more than happy to run with the live record that we wanted and in fact encouraged it. By Saturday evening we were pretty much done, and with a quick listen over the tunes on Sunday morning we walked out with the songs ready for mixing, and they all sounded exactly how I imagined them. A truly rare thing in recording!
More importantly, maybe, the new line up - now including of course some original Union members - is really gelling, and the atmosphere is better than ever.
I followed that awesome session with a trip to an awesome venue, Dublin's famous Whelan's last night.
I've been playing a good few solo sessions recently and really enjoying them. The new songs have been getting a run out and a great reception.
This Thursday, I'm back at Windmill Lane to record two songs for the Windmill Sessions.
Our good friend Larry Hogan had arranged for the band to go into the session, unfortunately timing wasn't on our side, and it leaves me going in solo. That though gives me the chance to record a song that I have decided to have another pass at recording, A Boat Called Lottery. It was the lead track on my first EP of the same title.
I've been playing it live since my American tour last October, where I worked up a slightly different version and I think that version could well go on the next album. Thursday will be my chance to see how it sounds in a great studio so fingers crossed all goes well and we can effectively add our 6th track to the album in less than a week.


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