Return of the Union

I thought Return of the Jedi would have been OTT...

You may have noticed a rather long gap between my last post from February of this year and now. Well the truth is there was a while when I wasn't sure I had anything to say on here regarding music or the band. Not that we hadn't been busy enough. In that time we've recorded the rest of what will be our third studio album and we're now mixing that record. What had this website down and what kept the band off stage was that I pretty sure I was done with music entirely.

Let me first say that the intention was always to release this current work in progress, and to push it as hard as always and tour it as we would always have intended to. A sort of musical malaise had set in on me over the last two years really, I think Johnny felt the same way too. We had both been through Eagle Fort Rumble together and hated it. For me, it sapped my love not just of music itself but the game - the chasing gigs and festivals and just the cut and thrust of trying to be "successful" or whatever. So I thought "fuck that, I'm done". For the best part of a year I planned my waking away, something like retirement where I imagined a Last Waltz kind of goodbye.

I've been working on a fiction novel for about a year now and that was taking all of my creative focus. I'm still working on that book and I love it. 

I can't say when exactly the love for music returned but it was around the time my laptop went on the blink and instead of spending my days working on drafts of the book I picked up the guitar again and played some Tom Petty songs (about two weeks before he passed oddly enough). And then I found myself feeling the need to get a move on with the new mixes and then I realised what was going on - I was falling back in love, I had gotten some sort of second wind and I wanted back in only this time without the narcissistic need to "make it" or anything like that, just that I knew this wasn't going to be my last album.

So what are we doing now? Well to be honest I don't really know yet. I've started writing songs for what will be a new album following Bob Cherry's Homemade Jam. As band we've got more to say. Johnny said to me at one point near the end of recording on Bob Cherry's "It's a shame that things are ending just as it feels like we've got things really going". I agree dude!

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