Stephen's Solo Tour Blog : Day 1 : Austin AKA Dumbledores Office and the Bruised Big Toe

Finally in Austin! My first gig of my solo US Tour starts tonight. I flew into Boston the day before last and had a great night with family before I started my trek south yesterday. While at the airport I realised I'd left my phone at my Dad's house - mild panic ensued. I had no address for house I was staying and no number for my brother Aidan, who lives in Austin and was possibly gonna meet me at the airport... Anywho the nice folks at the iStore at Dallas/Forth Worth let me use one of their laptops. With all info I needed at hand I grabbed my flight down to Austin and made my way to my digs for the next two days.... Dave Sullivan's house. Which might I add is THE coolest house I've ever seen. A little bit like Dumbledore's office crossed with The Dude's apartment, Dave and Mary made me feel very welcome. We stayed up a while, had a beer and a good chat about music and the local music scene. I woke up this morning with their dog Sassy lying beside me and a big picture of JFK on the wall, "The torch has been passed to a new generation" speech written beside it... Aahh, bliss! One downside at the moment though is a slight stumble off a curb in Boston - seemingly harmless at the time - is now causing me pretty bad pain in the big toe on my right foot. I'll visit a pharmacy today and get it wrapped up for the moment, take some tabs and hope the pain and swelling goes down. My plan for the afternoon is to do a little rehearsal and then head out and chill with Aidan for a while for I hit the Hole In The Wall later this evening. Peace out and rest easy in the knowledge that I am keeping Austin weird.

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