Time to bow out

"If you got to go, well yes alright, but if you got to go, go now, or else you gotta stay all night" - Bob Dylan. "It's been real and it's been fun and it's been real fun" - Miss Penny Lane (Almost Famous). 
Time for The Union to go the way of the dodo, I'm afraid dudes. The time feels right. Even though there are 15 songs sitting on a hard drive in a studio just outside Portlaoise that will never see the light of day, only some of them are the best we've ever written and recorded (no shitting ya).
Recently, there had been offers from Nashville and just outside Nashville, and South Carolina, and we've been so flattered, but trying to put 6 of us in the same room on a regular basis has become tougher and tougher. As a band we've had almost 10 great years, two studio albums, two EPs, played great venues and festivals, been on TV, radio, in the papers and it's been amazing. But the time is right to hang up the guitars and the black t-shirts. 
Well maybe not the black t-shirts... 
We'd like to thank our friends Stevie Rogers, Steve Deasy, Kenny Hollywood, Ciaran Lane - for their contributions in the years gone by - and all the others who have contributed to this band over the years. We've loved every minute of it. 
These words more or less sum it all up for me: 
"Me and my friends took a boat and we left; breaking the bow and the backs of our necks, watching the Champ in our minds - the blind leading the blind". 
The website will stay live for a while and I'll upload all our material there for you to download for free - enjoy & keep finding new music. So peace out & and remember to do as Mark Twain wrote - "why not go on a limb; that's where all the fruit is." 


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