What The Press Say

With debut album Wilderness Machine in their back pocket, Stephen Young & The Union are back with eagerly-awaited sophomore release, Eagle Fort Rumble.
The Alt-Country/Americana outfit are finally out from under their studio rock after recording their tumultuous second album, and they’re back with a bang.
Previously well known for Young’s softer, folkier sound, this album marks a sea change for The Union.
The band have graced some of the Ireland's finest music festivals and in 2012 were named Best Alt-Country act at the MRU awards before co-headlining the Today FM and the Irish Daily Star's Shave or Dye night in 2013 at the Workman's Club with The Hot Sprockets. A night which raised over 6,000 euros for the Irish Cancer Society.
With a performance on Irish national TV station RTE and songs play listed on RTE Radio One and BBC Ulster along with a host of regional stations the band have been heralded as “The best Americana band operating on this side of the Atlantic” by the Irish Daily Star.
Performances at some of Ireland’s top festivals in 2014 preceded the first single from Eagle Fort Rumble, Duty Free 200. Out on October 24th 2014, it was met with widespread critical acclaim and national radio play, with Colm O’Sullivan’s show on Today FM making it his Song of the Week.
SYTU released singles Shadowman and double a-side Shuffle (In The Quicksand)/Monsoon Season before Eagle Fort Rumble on November 27th.
Upon its release, the album was hailed as "Outstanding" by American roots rock bible No Depression.

A selection of press quotes

“Stephen Young & the Union are the cream of the crop in Ireland when it comes to Americana/Folk-rock” – Radio Nova.

aybe I wasn't expecting it, but songs like this are why I listen to and love music and I know I'll be revisiting Eagle Fort Rumble as a whole for a long time to come."Remy’s Music & Film Blog.

"Young is an artist who blurs the boundaries while enticing you into his brand of country folk" - Nessymon.com

"To say I'm impressed is an understatement. The last time I was blindsided like this was when I first heard The Barr Brothers' “Half Crazy” on radio and had to keep repeating “Barr Brothers. Barr Brothers.” until I got to the Music Millennium in Portland to see if they had the album." - No Depression

"This is Country music so tailor your expectations accordingly, but Young has a belter of a voice, a nack for song writing." - Joe.ie

"Feast upon 11 songs that go a long way to redefining fresh places where good music might go. " - Blurt Magazine

"Eagle Fort Rumble is another fine collection of songs from one of Ireland's finest songwriters... it's really been worth the wait." - Martin Bridgeman, KCLR

"After a much maligned absence, Irish alt-Americana rock outfit Stephen Young  + The Union are back with a brand new single Duty Free 200." - The Irish Daily Star

Eagle Fort Rumble is a fine album. Stephen Young & the Union recreate the music that inspires them with aplomb and a clear love of the sound." - The Last Mixed Tape

“Imagine you’re driving through the New Mexico badlands in a Corvette Stingray with smokey on your tail, Coke & Rum would be the soundtrack. The originality of the song is partly down to the company it keeps. I like Kings Of Leon but if I hear another rock track this week influenced by their production style I will scream. Stephen Young & The Union have produced a track that harks back to 70s southern rock and sounds fresh because of it. The only thing missing now is a summer’s day and a sunset worthy of driving into.” – New Singles Review.